Are you ready for natural beauty?

Vancouver is where you will find it!

As a Tamwood student in Vancouver, you can explore the city’s picturesque mountains, beaches and parks. Vancouver is an amazing city for outdoor activities, with hiking, skiing, canoeing and beach volleyball all accessible by public transport. In addition to the beautiful environment, Vancouver also has a lively urban scene where you can enjoy music, art and food from many different ethnicities, religions and cultural groups. It will not take you long to understand why Vancouver is consistently recognized as one of the world’s most livable cities. If you want to see more of North America, Vancouver is a great starting point for travelling to the Rocky Mountains, Calgary, Seattle and beyond.


  • Centrally located in downtown Vancouver
  • Walking distance to shopping, nightlife, major local transit stations and many tourist attractions
  • Student lounge in the school; cafes and shops in and surrounding the building
  • 25 student computers and free wireless
  • Average student age: 24
  • Average student population: 200



Tamwood International College
889 W Pender St #200, Vancouver, BC V6C 3B2, Canada