We guarantee that you will progress at a rate of one level every 12 weeks as long as:

  • You are committed to learning English and improving your English skills
  • You have attended and actively participated in all your lessons; and
  • You have completed your homework, tests and assignments

If you do not progress at this rate, we will provide you with the additional lessons, help and support you need to reach the next level at no extra cost.

At Tamwood, your success is our priority and we are confident in our ability to help you improve your English skills.

In fact, we guarantee it.

Progress Chart

Working together

Tamwood is committed to improving your English, but we can succeed only if we work together. That’s why both the school and students have responsibilities.

We promise to offer all our students:

  • A warm and friendly learning environment
  • A high standard of teaching
  • Appropriate facilities for language learning
  • Practical ideas and guidance for English study outside of lesson times
  • Fun and varied activities outside of lesson times
  • A quick response to any questions or problems

Your responsibilities and promise to us:

  • Speak only English during your whole time at Tamwood
  • Complete all homework and assignments on time
  • Attend, be punctual and be prepared for all classes and activities
  • Actively participate in class
  • Don’t use mobile phones in class