Accommodation options for Students

Homestay Accommodation – Your Home Away From Home!

Enjoy a truly multicultural Canadian experience with homestay families coming from a variety of diverse backgrounds. Most students choose this option as it’s more convenient, cost efficient and safe, especially for those coming to a foreign land where they don’t know anyone. Our experienced Accommodation Manager carefully screens and selects friendly hosts who provide a safe and caring environment. Staying with a host will allow for intercultural exchanges and help you practice your English while learning about Canadian traditions and culture.


  • Standard Homestay (2 meals): Single room with shared bathroom facilities
  • Standard Homestay (3 meals): Single room with shared bathroom facilities
  • Standard Homestay Shared: Shared room with shared bathroom facilities

Homestay Guidelines

Tamwood Residence in Whistler

In Whistler you can stay in the Tamwood Student Residence which is about 15-20 minutes by bus and additional 10-15 minutes walking to the bus stop from the Tamwood Campus. Our residence is a beautiful cedar house located in Emerald Estates (9346 Deerhorn Place, Whistler, BC) situated in a quiet suburban neighborhood. The house is surrounded by a forested area with large front and back decks for relaxing outside.

The house features:

  • 6 spacious bedrooms, each with 3 or 4 beds
  • 3 shared bathrooms
  • A large kitchen, a dining area and a living room
  • Laundry facilities, TV and telephone
  • Room assignments based on gender

Note: There is a residence manager living on site, but students are responsible for cleaning after themselves. This residence is recommended for students 19 years and older.

Other Accommodations

Tamwood offers non-homestay options such as hostels in Toronto, Whistler or Vancouver and student residences in Vancouver. All requests are handled on a case-by-case basis and are designed to meet each student’s needs.

If you are interested to live in a student residence in Vancouver, please let us know two months in advanced to find the best place for you.

Whistler Options:


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Accommodation Policies

Refunds and Cancellations

The Accommodation Placement Fee is non‐ refundable; a full refund of homestay accommodation fees will be given when cancelling with more than four (4) weeks’ notice.

If the student cancels his/her accommodation with less than four weeks’ notice, Tamwood will retain the fee for four (4) weeks accommodation and refund the balance of the accommodation fees paid.

Request for Change in Homestay Placement

The student can request for a new homestay family by speaking with the Accommodation Manager.

Students who request a change in homestay can be moved on the first week of arrival. Otherwise, they MUST GIVE 3 WEEKS NOTICE and then the student will be moved as soon as a suitable new homestay family becomes available.

Extending Homestay Placement

The student is required to submit a written request to get a homestay extension to the Accommodation Manager.

Students who request to extend their homestay MUST GIVE 3 WEEKS NOTICE and pay for the homestay fees in advance and then the student will either stay in the same homestay or move to a new homestay when available. In order to secure the homestay extension, the student needs to pay the homestay fees extension before the service is offered. Same Homestay won’t be guaranteed as our Host book in advance other students.

Note: Due to liability issues homestay extensions cannot be provided if the student is not enroll in our school.