Tamwood staff, like the campers, come from all over the world! We have staff from Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, U.S.A and more! Tamwood counsellors all have experience working with youth in camps, community centres, schools or after-school programs. Senior camp staff members all have prior camp and management experience. Our English teachers are university educated and professional teachers with experience teaching kids and teens. Our instructional activities are all taught by experienced and certified instructors. Tamwood staff all share an enthusiasm for working at camp and creating a memorable and meaningful camp experience for each camper. We require staff to hold first aid certifications and undergo a criminal background check prior to working with Tamwood.

A “General Counselor” is primarily responsible for the health, safety and happiness of their campers. General Counselors are responsible for a Counselor Group, they assist and accompany their group during meals, afternoon activities, full day and half day excursions and evening programs. Counselors will keep campers smiling and ready for the next adventure camp brings!

A counsellor group is a group of students of similar age and gender. Junior counsellor groups have a 1:8 staff-to-student ratio and teen counsellor groups have a 1:15 staff-to-student ratio. By being in a counsellor group, campers get to know their fellow campers in a small group setting.

We ensure that the students are of similar age. After that, we try to achieve a mix of different nationalities. Campers can connect with one another with their shared language-English! They will go home with friends from all over the world!

Yes and we make it easy for the campers. During intake day, campers are given a laundry bag with a unique identifier number. On laundry day, campers simply place their items in the bag and bring it to the drop off area and Tamwood will take over from there! Laundry will be returned within a 12-24 hour time period.

Campers attend English class for 3 hours per day, 5 days a week or 15 hours total per week.

Our English teachers all hold a certification in TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language) or a teacher certification in the state or province they are teaching. Our outdoor leadership instructors are outdoor enthusiasts with an extensive background in camping and hold upper-level certifications such as kayaking, rock climbing and wilderness first aid.

Our musical theatre instructors were born to be on stage and have completed university degrees in drama, musical theatre, or performing arts. They have worked in all aspects of theatre production including as actors, singers, dancers, script writers, set designers or directors!

Our game design instructors have pursued coding in university and enjoy coding, debugging computer software and web surfing in their free time.

Our amazing robotics instructors have an eye for engineering and a knack for simplifying complex engineering principals into easy to understand and fun content. They are fully equipped to teach, mentor, and inspire the tens of our students who rely on us for inspirational tech education and 21st century STEM skills each year. Some are Tamwood alumni who have returned to “pay it forward.” Many are students or graduates of universities in the field of game designers, filmmakers, and app developers.

Our Outdoor Leadership instructors have experience in leading trips, teaching youth and skilled in wilderness survival.

All Tamwood teachers and instructors look forward to sharing the wonders of camp with Tamwood campers. The desire to enrich the lives of students keeps many of our instructors coming back year after year.

Absolutely! Campers of all English levels are welcome at camp. All students in the English camp programs get assessed on their first full day a camp and are assigned to a class with other students with similar English skills.

All levels are welcome in our speciality programs. We have built the programs to accommodate for all English levels and skill levels.

All the activities you see on the calendar are included! The only extra-cost excursions are Sunday options.

Sunday is our airport drop off and pick up transfer day. However, Tamwood understands that campers who are remaining at camp are still looking for some fun and adventure. We have Sunday options available for them! These are excursions and activities. Some have extra cost but there is always a free option available.

Half day excursions take place on Tuesday and Saturday. Full day excursions take place on Thursday. Optional excursions take place every Sunday.

The afternoon activities take place on-campus. We divide our activities into four categories: leadership and team building, sports and movement, arts and culture and outdoor and nature. Our activity instructors carefully plan inclusive, instructional and engaging lessons for all abilities!

All camp locations are equipped with a heavy-duty safe. Campers who bring cash and wish to deposit it in the safe for safe keeping are welcome to do so. There will be opportunities throughout the week (noted in the schedule as “Banking/dorm time”) in which campers can withdraw or deposit cash from their individual account.

Students should bring enough money to cover any personal needs, including shopping for any personal items and/or souvenirs at local malls and attractions. Students should also bring additional $150 cash for the damage deposit.

Please do not bring any cigarettes, matches, lighters, drugs, or alcohol. Any items that can be viewed as weapons will not be permitted (including pocket knives, or toys that looks like weapons).


  • Flight information (Arrival and Return)
  • Passport and Travel Document (it is always a good idea to have a photocopy of the passport and other important documents stored in a location away from the originals)
  • Prescription medication as required — Please notify camp of all medications being used


  • Windbreaker or jacket
  • Shoes for sports, hiking, and beachwear
  • Baseball cap
  • Pajamas or appropriate sleepwear
  • T-shirts (minimum 5)
  • Shorts (minimum 2)
  • Underwear and socks (minimum 8)
  • Swimming suit and towels
  • Long pants – jeans and track pants
  • Long sleeved shirt and sweater
  • Knapsack or backpack
  • Pens or Pencils


  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Hair products (comb, brush, shampoo, soap etc.)
  • Skincare products (sunscreen, lotion etc.)
  • Face cloth


  • Water bottle (ideally easy to carry)
  • USD Funds – Cash or Traveler’s checks in US funds.
  • $150 USD for damage deposit (returned at end of stay provided that there are no damages)


  • Camera and cell phone
  • Costumes for Tamwood Disco
  • Journal – to record memories of camp!
  • Credit card for emergency use

Tamwood Camps does not require students to wear a uniform each day, but we do require Tamwood T-shirts be worn on excursion days.

All visitors must arrange their visit through the Camp Director at least 24 hours in advance. The Director will notify the staff of the reason for the visit as well as the date, time, location, and number of visitors to expect. ALL VISITORS MUST sign in with the Director on the day of their visit and will be asked to provide their name, phone number, address, and identification.

When you come to camp you better bring your appetite because the food is not only delicious but also nutritionally balanced! Our cafeterias serve us a variety of delicious delicacies that changes from day to day. There are plenty of choices during each meal so campers can customize. Breakfast could be waffles, pancakes, cereals, yogurt, hashbrowns, or fruit. Lunch or dinner could be anything from lasagna, garden salads, pizza, sub sandwiches, or stir fry and rice dishes.

Yes! Everything from vegetarian, lactose free, halal, and gluten free! We are more than happy to accommodate dietary restrictions. Please ensure that dietary restrictions are included in your camp application.

Airport pickups and drop offs are included in all program packages if the pickup/drop off falls within our 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM (camp location time). If the pickup/drop off falls outside of this time, a $100 USD/CAD fee will be charged.

Tamwood staff members will be wearing Tamwood t-shirts, waving Tamwood flags and greeting campers with a big smile! Tamwood staff will wait at the designated arrival section they will have all applicable information about the camper including travel information.

Nationality mix can vary from camp to camp and from year to year. Last year, we had over 1800 campers from 30 different countries!

Please note campers do not have access to a phone during activities and classes. If you need to relay a message to your child or check on your child, please e-mail camp directly and a staff member will pass along the message. Contac details for your child’s camp are provided in the pre-arrival package we sent you with the confirmation of your booking. Campers can call home if needed; we suggest that you encourage your child to call home no more than once a week. In our experience, frequent telephone calls home can lead to homesickness and prevents students from integrating into camp life.

Cell phones may be brought to camp; however use will be limited to certain times to encourage participation in camp activities. Please note that campers may not have time each day to use their phone depending on the schedule. Our recommendation is for campers to leave cell phones in their room during on-campus activities and classes.

Nothing says summer like cooling off at waterfront lake or splashing around at the waterpark! Tamwood takes safety, especially water safety, very seriously. Tamwood hires lifeguards trained and certified by the official Canadian National Lifesaving Society (NLS). These lifeguards oversee all waterfront activities. Campers with lower level swimming skills or low comfort in the water will be required to wear a life jacket.

The chance to share such a memorable and exciting time with a family member is wonderful gift. Campers will see each other during meal times, excursions and evening programs. These are opportunities that bring the whole camp together and allow campers to meet and have fun with new (or familiar!) faces!

For medical and safety reasons, Tamwood team members do not administer insulin shots, Diastat or other medications requiring similar procedures. Our staff will work with parents/guardians, the child, and the child’s medical providers to explore other reasonable accommodations to permit the child to enjoy our programs to the fullest extent possible. If your child takes any other oral medications please advise us in the medical form and we may ask for more information from you. We have a nursing staff member who is responsible for students who have medical needs while at camp.

While every precaution is taken to make sure campers do not get sick or injured, sometimes a camper will catch a bug or get hurt.  We take all medical complaints and injuries seriously, no matter how small.  We take campers who need medical attention to the closest hospital or medical clinic to be seen by a doctor.  Any child who is not feeling well is managed at camp by the camp nurse and if they have to miss activities or class will spend their time recuperating in the camp infirmary under the watchful care of the nurse.

Tamwood welcomes and accommodates rooming requests. Please ensure the rooming request is noted on the camper application prior to camp start.