Welcome to my.Tamwood

Make use of this unique online learning tool to accelerate your learning, achieve your goals and realize your English language potential!

As soon as you book one of our English courses, you’ll be granted access to my.Tamwood, where you can determine your current English level and access an online learning program to get a jump-start on your learning and prepare you for your course.

When you are at Tamwood, my.Tamwood is where you can organise meetings with your teachers and plan your social life.  You can also set up your own personal study plan and access activities and supplementary lessons using authentic, web-based material that adapt to your progress and are tailored to your needs.  In my.Tamwood, you’ll find language activities and fantastic resources perfect for targeting your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

Top 7 Reasons to Use my.Tamwood

1. Start Learning English Right Away:   As soon as you enrol in a Tamwood course you can start your learning by accessing the FREE online assessment, resources and activities.

2. Study for an Exam:   Taking the IELTS? My.Tamwood has a powerful diagnostic engine that automatically guides each individual learner to the area of study which most requires their attention, helping to avert shortcomings. With the my.Tamwood IELTS PREP, you will never be in doubt as to how well you’re doing. Once you set your individual IELTS score targets, powerful analysis and diagnostics accurately measure, guide and report your progress. At every step along the way you will be encouraged to improve and motivated to do more.

3. Personalized Study Plan– Each week you will get a custom online study plan for your specific needs, created by your teacher, based on your assessment test results. This can be accessed at any time through your my.Tamwood account.

4. Track your progress:You can monitor your own progress and see how much you have learned using the Online Placement Test.

5. Meet other students:Meet other Tamwod students before and during your course via Facebook, through my.Tamwood

6. Organize your social life:Tamwood students sign up for different social events as well as additional free Friday language workshops through my.Tamwood

7. Connect with Tamwood Staff:During your program you can contact teachers and staff directly through my.Tamwood.com.