Instructions ST Star Awards



Step 1

On the website click on “register” to access the data entry form.

Step 2

Click on the register to access the data entry form.

Step 3

To Confirm an account you will receive an email to the email address provided during the registration. Click on “Link” in the email you have received.

Step 4

Access the website by clicking on “Login” and entering your username and password.

Step 5

Click on “Edit profile” to Complete your profile.

Step 6

Complete your profile with the required data (in red) and click “Save”.

Step 7

Link your profile to your company by clicking where indicated message in red.

Step 8

Write the name of your company and:

a. If your company in the list select and go directly to the step 10.

b. If your company not in the list, click on “Add”.

Step 9

Enter the name of your company and click on “Create”.

Step 10

Now you can vote! On the menu on the left, click on “Star Awards” then “Vote for Agents and Services”.

Step 11

Scroll down the page until you find the categories.

Write in the “Company” field the name “Tamwood” and in the “Reason” field why did you vote for us.

  • The Leading Star Award (only open to SuperStars)
  • ST Star Junior Course for under 18s
  • ST Star Vocational College, and
  • ST Star Work Experince Provider

After completing the fields click “Submit”.

Step 12

Complete the voting procedure by clicking on “Yes”.VoteNow_button_01

Thank you for voting for us!