Favorite teacher in Vancouver

Hi my name is Shiho. I came here 4 months ago. Today I’ll introduce my best teacher. When I came here, I was a level 2 student and my class’s teacher was my best teacher Kavita. She is very kind and compassionate. When I was level 2, I didn’t understand anything, but she taught me with detail and carefully. So when I didn’t understand something, I  could easily ask her.


I like her class. Her class is easy to understand because she always comes to school early.( I think she comes to school first or second). Then, she writes down the day’s schedule and  important points on the white board every day. I know her house is so far from school and she has 2 children. If I were her, I could not do what she does.

I am crazy about Kavita. When she had a vacation, I wasn’t her class so I didn’t know she’ll have a vacation. One day before,  I was informed that Kavita wasn’t going to come to school because she would be on vacation for a while. Suddenly, my head felt blank. If I didn’t talk with her, I’d feel sad!  It felt so nice to be able to see her.. I know she has a lot of things to do so she needs a vacation. I missed her so much even though it was just a few weeks.

When I have problems or I want to talk about something, I talk to Kavita. And she cares so much about her students. When she worries about me she always says for me to come again and talk again. She is a level 2 teacher, also she teaches the Business class. I’m level 4 now. My dream is that I move up level 5 or 6, and then I’ll become Kavita’s student again.

Thank you.

Words by Shiho Okazaki, Level 4, Vancouver Campus