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Student Information

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Date of Birth
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Street Address
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Emergency Contact Name
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Legal Guardian Information

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Daytime Phone Number
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For Agency Use Only

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Summer Camp Options

Select all the weeks the camper will be in each program

WhistlerJune 28 - July 5
WhistlerJuly 5 - July 12
WhistlerJuly 12-July 19
WhistlerJuly 19 - July 26
WhistlerJuly 26 - August 2
Montreal - Concordia UniversityJune 28 - July 5
Montreal - Concordia UniversityJuly 5 - July 12
Montreal - Concordia UniversityJuly 12-July 19
Montreal - Concordia UniversityJuly 19 - July 26
Montreal - Concordia UniversityJuly 26 - August 2
Vancouver - SFUJune 28 - July 5
Vancouver - SFUJuly 5 - July 12
Vancouver - SFUJuly 12-July 19
Vancouver - SFUJuly 19 - July 26
Vancouver - SFUJuly 26 - August 2
Vancouver - SFUAugust 2 - August 9
Toronto - UTMJune 28 - July 5
Toronto - UTMJuly 5 - July 12
Toronto - UTMJuly 12-July 19
Toronto - UTMJuly 19 - July 26
Toronto - UTMJuly 26 - August 2
Boston - Curry CollegeJune 28-July 5
Boston - Curry CollegeJuly 5 -July 12
Boston - Curry CollegeJuly 12-July 19
Boston - Curry CollegeJuly 19- July 26
Boston - Curry CollegeJuly 26-August 2
Los Angeles - UCLAJune 28 - July 5
Los Angeles - UCLAJuly 5 - July 12
Los Angeles - UCLAJuly 12-July 19
Los Angeles - UCLAJuly 19 - July 26
Los Angeles - UCLAJuly 26 - August 2
Los Angeles - UCLAAugust 2 - August 9
San Francisco - SJSUJune 28 - July 5
San Francisco - SJSUJuly 5 - July 12
San Francisco - SJSUJuly 12-July 19
San Francisco - SJSUJuly 19 - July 26
San Francisco - SJSUJuly 26 - August 2

Winter Camp Options

AGES 12 TO 18

Select all the weeks the camper will be in each program:

English and Activity CampWeek starting

Education for All

I want to help children around the world gain access to education.Please add the following amount to my invoice as my donation to the Tamwood “Education For All” projects in Nicaragua:
Donation Amount

Accommodation Options

and Optional Service


Airport Transfer Service

Arrival Date and Departure date must be on Sunday

Do you require transportation?
Arrival Date
Departure Date
Arrival Time
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Arrival Flight Origin
Departure Time
Departure Number
Departure Flight Origin

Health Información

Important: No student will be accepted into a Tamwood Junior Program until Tamwood has received this form completed and confirmed by a parent or legal guardian.

Immunization Record: No student will be admitted without submitting an immunization record. Tamwood recommends that all campers be given Meningitis and Tetanus vaccinations before attending a junior camp. Please fax your student's immunization record to Tamwood at +1 604 899 4481 attention Camps Registrar and mark clearly the student's full name, program location, program dates and Tamwood student number if you have it.

Health Profile: Please confirm and provide dates for any conditions your child has experienced in the past:

Operations and serious injuries
Hay fever
Chronic or recurring illness
Other diseases
Frequent ear infection
Heart defect/disease
Convulsions, Seizures
Bleeding, Clotting disorder
Allergy to Poison Ivy
German measles
Allergy to Insect Stings
Chicken Pox
Allergy to Penicillin
Allergies to other drugs

Recommendations and Restrictions While at Tamwood

Current Medication
Swimming and diving
Strenuous activities

For Girls only

Has the menstrual cycle started?
If no, has she been told about menstrual cycle?
if yes, is it normal?

Parent's Authorization

The health history is correct as far as I know, and the person herein described has permission to engage in all prescribed camp activities except as noted. I hereby give permission to the physician selected by Tamwood to order X-rays, routine tests and treatment for the health of my child, and in the event I cannot be reached in an emergency, I hereby give permission to the physician selected by Tamwood to hospitalize, secure proper treatment for and to order injection and or anesthesia and/or surgery for my child as named above. I authorize Tamwood staff to review my child's medical records before and after treatment while in Tamwood Care, and allow medical service providers to release the child's medical record to Tasmwood International and Tamwood Camp staff.

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I understand that any changes of the registration may be a subject to the Course Change Fee as per the pricelist

I have read and understood all of the above and I agree to all these terms and conditions