Education For All


“All individuals have the right to an education and that education should be available and equally accessible to all.”

– The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

A key philosophy of Tamwood is Corporate Social Responsibility.  As a leader in the education industry, we passionately believe that children all over the world deserve an education. We are committed to affecting positive change in education all over the world. Our corporate social impact program, Education For All, is now a movement, engaging employees, partners, our students and their parents to change lives every day, in Christo Rey, Nicaragua.

Christo Rey is a community of approximately 4000 people who live day to day largely by scavenging in the Managua city garbage dump.

Education For All encompasses initiatives that improve education opportunities for children in this community in Nicaragua and focuses on three charitable enterprises:

Providing Uniforms for Students


Even though public education is free in Nicaragua, many children across the country are not able to attend school simply because their parents don’t have the money to buy the uniform, shoes and school supplies that are mandatory for all students.

Tamwood is helping to prevent poverty from being a barrier to education by purchasing uniforms, backpacks, shoes and school supplies for children living in Christo Rey.  With an education, children can learn to read, write and do basic math, enough to help them get a job when they graduate and help move their family out of poverty.

Building An After School Centre


Many children have no place to go after school. That is why their parents take them to work in the garbage dump.

Tamwood is building an after school centre in the community of Christo Rey, where students can eat, study, have tutoring and be safe while their parents are at work.

Teachers Training Programs


At Tamwood we believe that English expands your world! For this reason,experienced and highly-trained Tamwood teachers are volunteering to train local teachers in Nicaragua to help them to provide better education to their students.

With strong English skills, students have better employment prospects.  Once a year, Tamwood flies two of its teachers to Nicaragua to train teachers in the after school care centres in the Christo Rey community.

How You Can Help Too


Tamwood is using a percentage of its revenues to fund these three initiatives.

We can do more and impact more lives with your help.  Tamwood receives over 3000 students a year in its various programs. Imagine the impact if each of our students donated just $5 to this project.  This is the power of crowd funding.

When you sign up for any of our programs you will have the opportunity to include a donation in your program fee.  100% of your donation will be used to help provide education for children in need.

Please join us in making an impact and transforming the lives of these children.