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Re-opening Announcement for Tamwood Vancouver

By Marianna Cherniuk,

Blue and White Congratulations Graduate Card (1)

Tamwood is excited to begin welcoming the return of in-class instruction at our Vancouver campuses of Tamwood Language Centres and Tamwood Careers – effective June 29, 2020.  We will open our other campuses in the coming months when the industry is allowed to re-open by the Ontario government.  

Our priority is the safety and well-being of all students, staff and visitors; which means we are making changes to how we operate in accordance with the new health and safety guidelines outlined by the Provincial Health Officer and the provincial health and safety organizations.

Highlights of Tamwood’s COVID Safety Plan

·         ‘Stay home when you are sick’ policy

·         Increased cleaning and sanitization protocols

·         New classroom layout to support physical distancing (changed desk arrangements) with smaller class sizes

·         Blended Learning Model consisting of both in-class and online classes

·         Classes will live-streamed for students who want to continue online studies

·         Structured class and activity schedules to accommodate school capacity 

·         Removal of furniture and communal items (microwaves) in the common areas

·         All staff and students required to maintain safe distance (2 meters min) at all times

·         Monitoring for signs of cold, flu or related illness and instructions

·         Increased signage and information on handwashing, coughing/sneezing technique

We look forward to seeing our students and colleagues again and thank everyone for their patience and support as we continue finalize the details of re-opening.

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Future of Work: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Career Planning Camp Video

By Marianna Cherniuk,

For those who missed it, Tamwood ran the first ever Future of Work: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Career Planning Camp this past July in Vancouver.   It was a big success and we already have students registered for it for 2020.
In this innovative program, teens learn to identify their core values, purpose, personal mission and unique skills, while developing their entrepreneurship, leadership, critical thinking and communication skills.   Through company visits, university tours and guest speakers, students also gain an understanding about the impact of the current rapid state of change and emerging technologies on traditional careers fields and what the future of work looks like. They will meet people doing new jobs that did not exist even a few years ago and learn about educational pathways to these exciting new career fields.
  • Location: Vancouver
  • Age: 13-17 years old
  • Duration: 2 and 3 weeks

Learn More 

Download Brochure 

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Tamwood Careers College and Capilano University Announce New Pathway Partnership Agreement

By Marianna Cherniuk,


Tamwood Careers College and Capilano University are pleased to announce the signing of a Credit Transfer Agreement that allows Tamwood Careers students in the Essential Skills for Hospitality, Service and Tourism Programs to transfer into Capilano University’s Tourism Management Co-operative Education Diploma or Bachelor of Tourism Management Degree with advanced standing.

Tamwood students now have the opportunity to continue their tourism education in an internationally recognized Canadian University and in doing so,  qualify for a Post Graduate Work Permit to work in Canada up to three years post graduation.

Students who successfully complete Tamwood Diploma program transfer 24 credits to Capilano and students who successfully complete the Tamwood Certificate  transfer 18 credits to Capilano.

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Six Reasons to Study in Tamwood Careers in Whistler

By Marianna Cherniuk,



1 Students can do paid work for 48 weeks in the Diploma program (27 weeks in the Certificate program) – students work part-time for the first 24 weeks study term and full-time for the second 24 co-op work week term.

Certificate and Diploma programs available in Whistler:


2. Tamwood offers guaranteed Co-op Placements for all students in the Diploma programs.

“During my program I earned seven certificates and learned from an amazing instructor. I doubt I would have had the confidence to get a job at the Four Seasons in Whistler without Tamwood .”

-Chia Ying, Taiwan

Diploma in Food and Beverage Co-op


3. There are more jobs than workers in Whistler so students get great jobs and earn an average hourly wage of $17/hour.


4. Most jobs include employment perks such as: Free ski pass / Staff housing / Staff Meals / Medical benefits / Wellness Allowance


5. Tamwood students have had successful placements with Whistler Blackcomb, Four Seasons Hotel, Fairmont Hotel, Hilton, Caramba, Araxi etc.

“I really loved studying in the Hospitality Program, so after I graduated I extended my stay, so that I could study in the Food and Beverage Program. With my diplomas I successfully found a job at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler. ”

-Simone, Italy

Diploma in Food and Beverage Co-op & Diploma in Hospitality, Service and Tourism Co-op

6. Students can Study + Work + Ski/Snowboard from November to May and study + work + hike/mountain bike in the summer.  Students are eligible for the Tamwood Student Exclusive Season Lift Pass –  a discounted pass that gives students unlimited access to all the lifts on both mountains.

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New Program and New Opportunities in Tamwood Toronto Campus

By Marianna Cherniuk,


Tamwood Careers college is excited to announce the launch of its  International Business and Management Program in Toronto, opening in June 2019.  This program is extremely popular among Tamwood’s students in Vancouver and now will be offered in Toronto as well – Canada’s hub for business, finance, innovation and infrastructure. Tamwood’s downtown location,  in Toronto’s business district, gives students access to top employers for field trips, networking opportunities and co-op work experience.

The International Business and Management program prepares students for the new reality of business. Our program gives students the skills, knowledge and experience they need to break into this transformed world of business and keep up with the latest industry trends.

A feature of this program is the 24 week PAID work co-op term that students complete.  Students will get valuable work experience in a Canadian company.  Students are also allowed to work part-time during their 24 week study term, making them eligible to work for a full 48 weeks in Canada.

“In class we’re learning business skills for the jobs of tomorrow. I like that our instructors teach the reality of the business world instead of just reading about it from a book.” – Yujin Park, Korea

  • Program: Diploma in International Business and Management
  • Location: Toronto
  • Duration: 48 weeks total (24 study weeks + 24 co-op practicum weeks)
  • Start date: June 17, 2019

If you need further information about the program we offer please contact us.

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New Programs for Tamwood Summer Camps 2019

By Marianna Cherniuk,


Tamwood Camps offer a vacation with the purpose of improving your client’s future. Sending your clients to Tamwood Camps opens new doors for them academically, socially and personally. The skills children and teens gains at Tamwood will help them achieve their goals make their dreams come true. 

Future of Work: Entrepreneurship, Innovation  and Career Planning Camp


The world of work is rapidly changing; in fact, many of the jobs our children will hold in the future do not even exist yet. Your clients can join a group of teens from around the world who, like them, want to get a step ahead in learning about the world of work and the industries that are leading in creativity and innovation.

  • Location: Vancouver 
  • Age: 13-17 years old
  • Duration: 2 weeks   
  • Start date: July 7, 2019

This program helps teens identify their core values, purpose/personal mission and skills, and then exposes them to a variety of alternative careers while also developing their entrepreneurship, leadership, and critical thinking and communication skills. 

Learn More


Youth Robotics Camp


This fun and educational youth robotics camp program inspires the imagination and challenges young minds.

  • Location: San Francisco
  • Age: 7-12 years old
  • Duration: 1-4 weeks   
  • Start dates: July 7, 14, 21, 28, 2019

This program uses the LEGO Robotics System which offers campers an exciting platform for learning about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). 

Learn More


Tamwood operates 7 summer camps in the USA and Canada. Read what programs we offer in Vancouver, Whistler, Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles, San Francisco & Boston.

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Halloween at Tamwood

By Marianna Cherniuk,

Zombie and clown in halloween haunted house

We take Halloween seriously around here! ??

Check out some of this year’s best costumes ➡️

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Tamwood won ST Star Award-English Language School North America 2018

By Marianna Cherniuk,

You will always grow when you keep doing things at your best; especially doing what makes people love you. The all-time award-winning English Language School, Tamwood, won ST Star Award-English Language School North America 2018, and Ceremony was in London England.

Tamwood Language School is a renowned teaching school that teaches, coach and encourages clients on the importance and efficacy of English language communication in the social development.   he award is a plus to the Tamwood Language School reputation as it encourages clients confident in them.

This year all four Tamwood decisions were nominated, the likes of Tamwood Careers, Tamwood Camps, Tamwood Language Centres and Go International. It was a wonderful experience that is why it is not a lie that wherever you choose to go in life, Tamwood helps you get there. Whether you want fantastic life experiences at unforgettable destinations, acceptance into the international university of your choice, or to accelerate your future career, Tamwood helps make your dreams come true.

The center in the past has produced students with excellent grades in the national and international exams. The holiday training programs have gone a long way in assisting students to overcome their challenges in the use of the English language

For more information about your language skills, contact

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Guillaume about his Whistler experience!

By Admin Tamwood,




It was such a good experience here in Whistler! It’s incredible how fast the time flew by. I want to talk about my experience here, and the snowboard and ski instructor courses that I did here. It was really amazing how I could improve my level in ski and in snowboard, it’s really useful and such a good time. If you don’t feel comfortable with the vocabulary and stuff, no worries because you get well prepared before the tests. Before my tests, I had 2 weeks preparation at Tamwood, twice a week. One lesson was in class to learn the vocabulary and talking about all the skills that you will need. And then one other lesson in the mountain to make sure we are able to teach and make sure we understood everything that we said in class. The good thing first of all is you improve your English level and you get more confident in yourself!

What about the tests now? You’re going in the mountain for three days with the ski/snow school from Whistler. Those days you’ll have a lot of feedback from your instructor about your ski/snowboard level and about your teaching. You get assessed in skiing and in teaching. The teachers are there to make your comfortable with the teaching and your skiing level. It was something completely new for me and I’m really happy to have done it. It was one of my best experiences and now I’m impatient to pass my level two.






(c) Guillaume

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Why Participating in Activities is Important

By Admin Tamwood,


As a long-time international school teacher, I know that there’s more to school life than classes and studying!  Every international school in Vancouver offers its students a variety of different activities they can do after classes, and Tamwood has some of the best activities available in the city!

Are you a student new Tamwood student?  You should definitely try some activities during your first week of class!  Activities are the best way to meet other students and get to know people who aren’t in your class!  When you make friends at school, you will feel more comfortable and will enjoy your school life a lot more than if you only spend time with people during class.

As a student, you made the decision to leave your country and study English in Vancouver.  That tells me that you want to take this opportunity to get out and explore this beautiful city!  Activities are a great way to explore some of the most popular and exciting tourist spots this city has to offer!  And as a bonus, visiting these places with the school on an activity often means you can participate at a discounted rate!  Why wouldn’t you want to save money and see some of the wonderful attractions Vancouver has to offer?

Have you ever wanted to try something you’ve never done before?  For example, have you ever wanted to watch a live hockey game?  Or walk across a suspension bridge?  Or maybe go ice skating for the first time?  Participating in Tamwood activities is a safe, fun way to try out a new activity.  It’s a lot more fun to try something out for the first time with other people who are also beginners.  You can take lots of pictures of your attempts to succeed, and there isn’t any better feeling in the world than that feeling of successfully completing something for the first time!  Or, if you’re maybe a little bit nervous about trying something for the first time, going with students who are experts will help you to do things in a safe, fun way!  They can help you succeed, and in the process, you’ll become better friends!

During the winter, I think doing activities is more important than any other time of the year!  We all know that it rains a lot of in Vancouver.  We’re called Raincouver for a good reason!  A lot of times, people start to feel depressed in the winter, and they are more likely to get sick and feel lonely.  Going on activities will help you improve your mood, and when you’re happy, your general health is better!  Also, doing activities in the winter is a perfect reason to go outside and enjoy some sunshine and fresh air when we have it!

As a Tamwood student, not only do you have the opportunity to participate in lots of different activities each month, but you can also become an Activity Leader!  If you’ve tried activities and discovered how much you love them, and you want to improve your leadership skills and try something new, I encourage you to talk to the activity coordinator about becoming a leader.  I can’t think of any better way of helping other students find their love of activities!


Written by: Kim Feuchter, Campus Manager

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