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Why Native Speakers of English Should Study for the IELTS

By Marianna Cherniuk,


Did you know that a native speaker of English seeking permanent residence in Canada is required to take and pass the IELTS Exam? As well,  did you know that if you are an international student, even if you speak and write English at the same level as a native speaker, if wish to enter a Canadian university you still need to pass an IELTS Exam?

Tamwood has developed a series of workshops to address weaknesses shown by native speakers of English on the IELTS Exam and to provide professional tips and techniques for achieving the highest score possible.

Get ready to succeed at the IELTS Exam while increasing your possibilities to qualify for Permanent Residence (PR) and admission to post secondary institutions in Canada.

Join the Tamwood IELTS Boot Camp for Success: Four 90- minute workshops plus optional weekly formal graded Mock Tests.

For further information, please download our flyer or to enroll contact

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Tips for Nailing your Academic IELTS Writing Test

By Marianna Cherniuk,

Tamwood IELTS Academic Writing Test


Whether you’re planning to study abroad or wishing to immigrate to North America, you will be required to take an IELTS test. The IELTS test can be overwhelming at first, but with enough practice and preparation, it’s possible to get high score! Tamwood prepared some tips for you to succeed in the first part of academic writing.

This part of the test has a number of complexities. The candidate is expected to write an essay within 20 minutes about either a graph, a pie chart, a bar chart, a process, a map or a table. You do not know which one will be on the test, so you must be prepared for any possibility, but the graphs and bar charts seem to be the most common questions.

Preparing for this part of the test takes some time because each type of essay has its own peculiarities. When describing a graph, the trend is so important and particular vocabulary such as, increasing sharply, reach a peak, and remained stable is so important. You can download Tamwood’s Cheat Sheet with necessary words and phrases for describing a graph, chart and diagram here. When describing a map, location of spots on the map are so important and sometimes the changes over time must be described perfectly. When writing about a table, words such as proportion, percentage, age category are so important. Each type of essay has its own style and vocabulary. It takes time and practice to be good at this. Using model answers is one of the best ways to master this task. However, the model answers must be from reliable sources.

A common problem for students is translation from their own language. Translating sentences from a native language to English when describing data often does not work. This task is worth 1/3 of the reading mark and should not be underestimated. For almost all students, error correction is necessary to be successful. It is hard to pick up the skills for this task without a teacher. Please remember that you will need to manage your own time, so make sure you move on to Task 2 after 20 minutes.

Let us help you reach the highest possible success on your IELTS exam! Strong emphasis is placed on test taking strategies while improving your overall English skills in grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking. Practice together with us! Tamwood prepared samples of General Writing Task 1 and Academic Writing Task 1 depending on which version you plan to take.


Download Free Samples for Academic Writing Test

Download Answer for Academic Writing Test 

Download Free Cheat Sheet Card with Important Vocabulary

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