4 Skills to Ace the IELTS exam

Last week, we gave an overview about IELTS. As a second installation to that, we discuss four skills needed to ace the IELTS exam! (1) LISTENING This is supposedly the easiest skill but it is not easy. To be successful, students need a high knowledge of English and a good knowledge of the specifics of  … Read more


Q&A: IELTS in a nutshell

What are the different types of IELTS? For a large number of people, IELTS represents a hurdle to move to the next phase of life. IELTS general is used as a test for immigration. IELTS academic is used as a proficiency test for university entrance and IELTS is often used as a standard test for  … Read more


The Complete Tamwood-Toronto Experience

I’ve stayed in Toronto for about 4 months. I’ve experienced many things since I have arrived here. So I’ll introduce you my experiences which I had. Tamwood Campus I decided to come here and to study in this school because I had traveled here before and I like Canada. I preferred small schools and thought  … Read more



What can I say about my amazing experience in Tamwood campus Vancouver? Firstly, I would like to say that it was more than just an English course… it was the chance of a lifetime. I only have a few days left in Canada, it is incredible when I realize how fast the time flew by.  … Read more


5 Ways to Practice Your English

Learning English as a Second Language can be difficult especially when you are learning it later in life. This should not discourage you though as millions of people have been in your path and can now speak English fluently! Here are some ways to practice your English: 1 – Participate in activities with fellow classmates  … Read more


I never expected Whistler to be this great!

I never expected Whistler to be this great! My experience here in Whistler has been incredible during the 2 months I have spent here. When I decided to come to Whistler I was excited because I imagined that this would be a very nice place with lots or lakes and mountains. But when I came  … Read more

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An overview of Toronto for a newcomer

I think you should definitely consider coming to this school to improve your English skill. It will be a good experience for you not only as a student but it will be good for your improvement in life as well. I have been having a great experience on my own and I have already made  … Read more


#ExploreBC through Tamwood

When I was writing this testimonial, I was looking for a word to describe my experience at Tamwood and in Vancouver. After many trials, I could only find one: Amazing! First, I must confess, I was not expecting my trip to Vancouver to become a great adventure. I organized my travel in less than three  … Read more


Vancouver – A place to make connections for eternity

I can tell you that I had so many expectations about coming to Canada. My initial plan was only to study and focus on reading my textbook to improve my English, and, maybe, visit some cool places. But actually, in my first week, I got really homesick. I regretted coming to Vancouver because I was  … Read more


An open letter

Hi Guys, I hope you are doing well and enjoying your Vancouver experience. My name is Felipe and I am from Brazil. I am here to talk about the different and funny ways that Tamwood English School has used to dramatically increase our English Skills. So far, I have been at Tamwood for 2 months and  … Read more