Vancouver – A place to make connections for eternity

I can tell you that I had so many expectations about coming to Canada. My initial plan was only to study and focus on reading my textbook to improve my English, and, maybe, visit some cool places. But actually, in my first week, I got really homesick. I regretted coming to Vancouver because I was  … Read more


An open letter

Hi Guys, I hope you are doing well and enjoying your Vancouver experience. My name is Felipe and I am from Brazil. I am here to talk about the different and funny ways that Tamwood English School has used to dramatically increase our English Skills. So far, I have been at Tamwood for 2 months and  … Read more

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Toronto’s campus is like family

I came to Toronto without any special expectations because I didn’t know anything about Canada before coming here.  I really like the cultural diversity that Toronto can provide.  Also, people here are pretty open-minded and welcoming which helped me to feel good in this country. Before I came, I wasn’t confident in speaking. Tamwood helped  … Read more


Tips on taking the IELTS exam

IELTS is an acronym that means International English Language Testing System. However, what does it really mean? This means that you are going to be tested in four English skills: listening, writing, reading, and speaking. There are two types of tests: Academic and General Training. Most Universities in Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom require Academic  … Read more


Three Whistler Ambassadors

Our dream: to snowboard, to bike and to be in the mountains. Our reason to go to Canada: to learn English. Our plan: Whistler. For some of us it was the first time, for some already the second. Some of us planned to stay a year and others a few weeks. How we met: In  … Read more


Whistler Realize your dream

You like skiing or maybe snowboarding? You like to party? Just go to Whistler to learn
English and to do a lot of activities. It’s the best place to live an unforgettable
experience. There, it’s impossible to be bored, there is always something to do.


English Only!

My experience here at Tamwood has been indescribable.

I couldn’t have chosen a better international language school than this. I love the way all the cultures mix, and how we learn about each other, not just among different countries, but also different personalities.

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Concrete Jungle

My name is Matheus Abner. Some call me Abner and oth ers call me Matthew. I am 21 years old and I’ve been in Toronto for 2 weeks. I’ve always wanted to live in a big global city.


My best day in Whistler

Last Sunday was my best day ever in my Whistler adventure. I went skiing on Whistler mountain taking many photos with my camera and then I posted them on Facebook.


Toronto is awesome

My name is Alice. I’m from Brazil and I decided to visit Toronto to improve my English. I have been here almost 2 months now and although it is a short time, it was enough for me to get in love with the city and the school.