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Guillaume about his Whistler experience!

By Admin Tamwood,




It was such a good experience here in Whistler! It’s incredible how fast the time flew by. I want to talk about my experience here, and the snowboard and ski instructor courses that I did here. It was really amazing how I could improve my level in ski and in snowboard, it’s really useful and such a good time. If you don’t feel comfortable with the vocabulary and stuff, no worries because you get well prepared before the tests. Before my tests, I had 2 weeks preparation at Tamwood, twice a week. One lesson was in class to learn the vocabulary and talking about all the skills that you will need. And then one other lesson in the mountain to make sure we are able to teach and make sure we understood everything that we said in class. The good thing first of all is you improve your English level and you get more confident in yourself!

What about the tests now? You’re going in the mountain for three days with the ski/snow school from Whistler. Those days you’ll have a lot of feedback from your instructor about your ski/snowboard level and about your teaching. You get assessed in skiing and in teaching. The teachers are there to make your comfortable with the teaching and your skiing level. It was something completely new for me and I’m really happy to have done it. It was one of my best experiences and now I’m impatient to pass my level two.






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