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Why Participating in Activities is Important

By Admin Tamwood,


As a long-time international school teacher, I know that there’s more to school life than classes and studying!  Every international school in Vancouver offers its students a variety of different activities they can do after classes, and Tamwood has some of the best activities available in the city!

Are you a student new Tamwood student?  You should definitely try some activities during your first week of class!  Activities are the best way to meet other students and get to know people who aren’t in your class!  When you make friends at school, you will feel more comfortable and will enjoy your school life a lot more than if you only spend time with people during class.

As a student, you made the decision to leave your country and study English in Vancouver.  That tells me that you want to take this opportunity to get out and explore this beautiful city!  Activities are a great way to explore some of the most popular and exciting tourist spots this city has to offer!  And as a bonus, visiting these places with the school on an activity often means you can participate at a discounted rate!  Why wouldn’t you want to save money and see some of the wonderful attractions Vancouver has to offer?

Have you ever wanted to try something you’ve never done before?  For example, have you ever wanted to watch a live hockey game?  Or walk across a suspension bridge?  Or maybe go ice skating for the first time?  Participating in Tamwood activities is a safe, fun way to try out a new activity.  It’s a lot more fun to try something out for the first time with other people who are also beginners.  You can take lots of pictures of your attempts to succeed, and there isn’t any better feeling in the world than that feeling of successfully completing something for the first time!  Or, if you’re maybe a little bit nervous about trying something for the first time, going with students who are experts will help you to do things in a safe, fun way!  They can help you succeed, and in the process, you’ll become better friends!

During the winter, I think doing activities is more important than any other time of the year!  We all know that it rains a lot of in Vancouver.  We’re called Raincouver for a good reason!  A lot of times, people start to feel depressed in the winter, and they are more likely to get sick and feel lonely.  Going on activities will help you improve your mood, and when you’re happy, your general health is better!  Also, doing activities in the winter is a perfect reason to go outside and enjoy some sunshine and fresh air when we have it!

As a Tamwood student, not only do you have the opportunity to participate in lots of different activities each month, but you can also become an Activity Leader!  If you’ve tried activities and discovered how much you love them, and you want to improve your leadership skills and try something new, I encourage you to talk to the activity coordinator about becoming a leader.  I can’t think of any better way of helping other students find their love of activities!


Written by: Kim Feuchter, Campus Manager

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One Year of Experiences

By Admin Tamwood,


Coming to Canada was my first time to visit overseas. The time of living in Canada is a precious time in my life. I have experienced many things I could not do when I lived in Japan.

First of all, I met my host family when I arrived at Canada. They always talked to me gently. I learned how to live in Canada from them.

Next at Tamwood, I met nice teachers and friends. Every Monday new students start classes in Tamwood. That means that I meet new students from all over the world every week. I think it is a truly wonderful experience. It was impossible to meet so many new people when I was living in Japan.

Moreover, working. I am working at a restaurant now. I also worked as a server in Japan before I came here. However, it is different between working in Canada and working in Japan, although it is the same kind of job. I can transfer skills with the experiences for my job in the future.

Finally, I really feel that the power of English is great. By speaking English, people who speak every language in each country are connected and understand each other. I am now experiencing it in everyday life.

The experiences of living in Canada is something I treasure. I would like to continue enjoying the rest of the Canadian life by continuing to meet new people and practicing my English skills. I am grateful for all that I encounter.

Written by: Yui Aiba

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