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A Great Start in Whistler

By Admin Tamwood,


I have been here now for a bit more than a week and I already know that I will have an amazing time here and that I will leave too early. Right from the beginning I met some friendly and helpful friends in the student residence who are open minded and really kind, so I felt welcome from my first day. Once you know them better you will find out how hilarious they can be, making your days have good vibes over and over again.

My first day of school was quite similar, I felt comfortable on my very first day which was really surprising because the first school day usually is really strange and embarrassing rather than enjoyable. However, here it is different.  It is like a little family who will support you whenever you need help.

Incredible, amazing, unique, fantastic are just some adjectives which could describe the landscape, the village and the atmosphere here in Whistler. Even though I hope that we will get some good powder days soon, I was astonished about how good the slopes are in this early season. Fortunately we had some good weather this week so that I could enjoy the breathtaking view up on the mountains.

And anyways, skiing with great people can only leave unforgettable memories!

To sum up, I hope that the time does not pass too fast, so that I can enjoy my days to the fullest.



Words & Photos by: Chiara Zoller

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Why you should attend after school activities

By Admin Tamwood,


When I arrived in Vancouver I thought the classes would be like in the schools where I had studied, as soon as the class ends, everyone goes back home and only sees each other during the day. But at Tamwood this was not the case. Every weekday of the month there are extra class activities where you can practice English and make friends! Activities include sightseeing, trying new sports, going to some typical attraction of the station (such as a market or fair), visiting parks, going to bars (if you are over 19 years old), eating at restaurants with typical food and going to the cinema.

Many of the activities are paid, but going through the school we pay a cheaper price than if we were going on our own. Since other activities are free, the only thing we need is our time and willingness. I can guarantee that it is the best investment we can make in our free time, as we are practicing English all the time by talking to students from all over the world with different pronunciation. Our speaking and listening skills are constantly improving.

IMG-20171214-WA0005  IMG_20171117_181445

Another interesting fact is the amount of friends that we make in these activities, because during the classes we do not have much contact with students from other classrooms, but these activities make us meet new people all the time. Keeping in touch with our new friends across social media is not only good to help us deal with the family distance, but also helps improve our writing and reading.

I really enjoyed the extra class activities, made lots of friends and practiced my English. I will never forget all those good moments that I lived in Tamwood. Even with each friend returning to his home country, I have never felt so comfortable with so many people from so many places, because everyone is there for the same purpose as mine, to learn English and have fun, and that’s for sure what Tamwood provided us.

Words & Photos by: Breno Muniz de Castro Fonseca, Level 6

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4 Tips on Moving to Vancouver

By Admin Tamwood,


I am staying in Vancouver so I would like to talk to you about what you have to bring if you come here, based on my experience.


First, Vancouver has a nickname: ‘Raincouver’. It means rain + Vancouver because it rains so much, except in summer.  Therefore, I recommend that you bring or buy rain boots and waterproof jacket.  You won’t need to worry about your socks getting wet and if it suddenly rains, a waterproof jacket will protect you. These will make your Vancouver life more convenient.  If you want to buy a jacket in Vancouver, Teacher Ellen recommends the store called MEC!


Second, health is very important but when we are tired, we can get a cold sometimes, so we need medicine. However, I think medicine and hospital bills are expensive in Canada (if you don’t have insurance), so I suggest you bring some medicine and first aid supplies from your country.  There might be some medicines that you prefer using from your own country.  If you need to buy medicine in Canada, your teachers can help you choose what to buy!


Next, prices are high in Vancouver. Stationery and everyday things are especially more expensive than in my country, South Korea. When I wanted to buy a file folder and Post-it notes here, I was astonished because those cost twice as much. You should bring a few notebooks, pens, pencils, etc.


Finally, I recommend to bring your cosmetics. If you have sensitive skin, you have to be careful because you don’t know which things are good for you.


I hope this writing will help you and good luck for your Canada life!


Words by: Hyeon, Vancouver Campus

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