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What can I say about my amazing experience in Tamwood campus Vancouver? Firstly, I would like to say that it was more than just an English course… it was the chance of a lifetime.

I only have a few days left in Canada, it is incredible when I realize how fast the time flew by. I mean I still can remember my first day in Tamwood even certain details and that feeling of expectation that everyone of us have when we face something new.

I came here with the idea of concentrating on my English lessons: doing my homework, reviewing my grammar, not speaking Spanish… etc. and I did it. However, I never expected the opportunity that was in front of my eyes, getting to know people from different countries, many cultures and the possibility to communicate me with them! When you are aware that you can communicate ideas with a Japanese guy who doesn’t speak your native language (in my case Spanish) it is awesome! At that moment, I really understood that the borders and distance are closer than ever before.

I can say that my Tamwood experience included many funny moments, more than 32 lessons of English because all the time you´re learning something new. I made new friends from every part of the world and teachers well prepared and always willing to help you! It is not just “studying English” because while you are here you are living here and the experience is integral.

I know I have improved my English skills and that is awesome, but also I know now that I have improved my ability to communicate with people from different parts of the world and I think this is one of the most important things I learnt during my stay. Maybe this is the reason why I called, the blog “Grateful” because listening to people and learning with them is an invaluable gift.


Words and Photo by: Jonatan Jovan Villanueva Campos

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5 Ways to Practice Your English

By Admin Tamwood,


Learning English as a Second Language can be difficult especially when you are learning it later in life. This should not discourage you though as millions of people have been in your path and can now speak English fluently!

Here are some ways to practice your English:

1 – Participate in activities with fellow classmates from all over the world

Tamwood has an amazing after school activity calendar at all of its campuses. Students are able to go on adventures and excursions together, getting to know the city and each other. You will be able to see beautiful places, eat in great restaurants, learn about your fellow classmates, their countries and cultures. Most importantly, you will make connections and friends from all over the world whilst conversing in a common language: English!

You can also take on a more active role as a Student Leader for activities!

View activity calendars here:

2 – Sign up for volunteer opportunities 

Volunteer work is a fulfilling use of time and this will allow you to speak to people from all kinds of backgrounds. Not only will you get to know yourself better but you will also be helping an organization or event. You can make connections and network by starting a conversation with those you come across. The key is to practice the English you’ve learned inside the classroom and take it with you wherever you go.

3 – Films and TV shows

Watching movies and TV shows is a great form of entertainment that will enhance your listening skills, vocabulary and grammar. You can mimic words and phrases, and use context clues. You will be amazed at how much you understand from watching films and shows!

4 – Reading books and newspapers

Start by reading headlines and go one paragraph at a time, sentence by sentence. When you don’t understand a word, grab your dictionary to look it up! You’ll be reading faster and understanding words better in no time. Make it a point to read something everyday and make it a habit.

5 – Music

Listen to English music and sing along to your favorite tunes. This is a fun way of practicing English, memorizing and saying words or phrases better.


If you practice your English skills everyday with these tips, we are certain you will be speaking fluently soon!

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I never expected Whistler to be this great!

By Admin Tamwood,


I never expected Whistler to be this great!

My experience here in Whistler has been incredible during the 2 months I have spent here. When I decided to come to Whistler I was excited because I imagined that this would be a very nice place with lots or lakes and mountains. But when I came here I realized that this was even better that what I expected. The landscape in Canada is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. You’ve got lots of activities to do here in Whistler, it doesn’t matter what you like you always find something to do. There is not only the famous bike park, but also you have lots of hikes to do, lakes, bike rides on the valley trail that are spectacular, lots of water activities such as sailing, paddle-boarding, kayaking…

If you are looking for a language school, Tamwood Whistler is the best choice you can make. Not only do they have great teachers that really help you improve your English, but they also encourage you to do lots of activities and they help you find out which activities are the best ones to do during the week so you have fun things to do every day during the afternoons and evenings. So if you are looking for a life experience, you must come to this wonderful place.


Words & Photos by: Marta O’Dogherty Babe

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An overview of Toronto for a newcomer

By Admin Tamwood,

2017-08-03 10.45.04

I think you should definitely consider coming to this school to improve your English skill. It will be a good experience for you not only as a student but it will be good for your improvement in life as well. I have been having a great experience on my own and I have already made some friends, so there is no need for you to worry about loneliness.

On my first day at school, I met several people from many different countries and they were willing to make some friends as I was. So I met a girl from Mexico who has the same age as me and will be here for the same time as I will, and we became friends easily. Besides that, the school provides many activities in the school and outside of it which makes easier for us to become closer to other students. It will be easy for you to meet other students.

If you come during summer, which is the best part of the year for people to go out, you will find many activities throughout the city such as museums, free concerts, parks, etc. You can rent a bicycle and ride around the city. It is a popular transportation during summer and probably the best way to get to know the city better. Moreover, the school can inform you about some activities and they can also recommend you an agency that organizes groups to visit some of them. It is a very nice city for you to enjoy and have some fun.

The course is great and I believe it is worth it! Not only because of the structure it provides for their students, but also because the teachers are well trained, easy going, patient and available to help you about any difficulty you may find. There will be no problem for you to adapt yourself in class because the teachers will help you with that and you won´t even notice. Once I had a problem to understand a subject and one of the teachers used the internet to give me some examples and help me comprehend it. I think it is amazing how they are willing to help us.


Words by: Priscila Moura Galamba

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