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An open letter

By Admin Tamwood,


Hi Guys,

I hope you are doing well and enjoying your Vancouver experience.

My name is Felipe and I am from Brazil. I am here to talk about the different and funny ways that Tamwood English School has used to dramatically increase our English Skills. So far, I have been at Tamwood for 2 months and half, since that my English skills has increased and my circle of international friends has increased as well.

Firstly, I should tell you about the friendly, cosmopolitan and versatile environment, where you will make new international friends from over the world. Students come from Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Korea, Nigeria, Argentina and Switzerland just to name a few.


Secondly, there are a huge variety of activities after school that enhances your new situation. You will know about new places around Metro Vancouver, enjoy the picturesque scenery of Vancouver and learn about how Canadians enjoy their free time. At the same time you can relax in a pleasant environment and improve your English.

Next, the high level Tamwood staff is always there to give you personalized tips to improve your skills and share their Experiences in Vancouver to find a job, a place to live, and places to hang out and learn about Canada´s culture.  This is the perfect combination to enjoy life and learn English at the same time.

Certainly, at Tamwood you are going to find multi-cultural friends with high level English´s teachers who really care about every student in the school.


By: Felipe Ferreira (IELTS)


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Toronto’s campus is like family

By Admin Tamwood,

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I came to Toronto without any special expectations because I didn’t know anything about Canada before coming here.  I really like the cultural diversity that Toronto can provide.  Also, people here are pretty open-minded and welcoming which helped me to feel good in this country.

Before I came, I wasn’t confident in speaking. Tamwood helped me to improve my communication skills by adapting the classes.  Teachers are friendly and Tamwood is a small school that is like a family.  Indeed, every student knows each other which lead to a really good mood at school.  It makes me happy to go every day to school to meet my classmates.

Another good thing about studying at a small school is that the teachers know us so they know our weaknesses.  Therefore, they can easily adapt classes to help us to improve faster and to be more efficient.

Words by: Haithem Neffati

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Tips on taking the IELTS exam

By Admin Tamwood,


IELTS is an acronym that means International English Language Testing System. However, what does it really mean? This means that you are going to be tested in four English skills: listening, writing, reading, and speaking. There are two types of tests: Academic and General Training. Most Universities in Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom require Academic IELTS for International Students. IELTS General Training is required for Immigration purpose.

Even though it is a hard test, there are some tips which you can follow to make this path less painful.

Firstly, attend IELTS preparation classes. Taking IELTS classes enables you to learn about the test. You will be familiarized with the test. You will also practice all parts of the test. Furthermore, you can both make mistakes and learn from them in a safe place.  If you take classes at Tamwood with teacher Erich you will have warm-up, reading, listening, writing, and speaking every day, from Mondays to Thursdays. On Fridays, Erich teaches Grammar to IELTS. With Erich, you also can experience “No Pain, No Gain” that is a mix of some IELTS books. “No Pain, No Gain” is excellent to learning about vocabulary and structure sentences for IELTS Writing.  Teacher Erich teaches not only about IELTS, but also about living in Vancouver; he always gives recommendations about restaurants, places to visit, and daily life. For example, I have interested in buying a bicycle. Therefore, I asked Erich the best place to buy it. When I was interested in eating Italian food, I asked Erich the best place to go to.  When a classmate faced a problem with his landlord, he asked Erich some advice and how he should manage this problem according to Canadian culture. I have learned a lot about Vancouver, and IELTS, for sure.

Secondly, listen to radio and watch local TV programs. These activities will help you to improve not only your listening skill, but also your vocabulary. It is important you listen to people with different accents from America/Canada, UK, and Australia because IELTS uses these accents in the Listening Part.

Thirdly, read newspapers and books. Reading newspapers will help you to understand both vocabulary and writing style. If the newspaper contains graphs, charts, and tables, it would be awesome because you can practice reading them, understanding them, and making relevant comparisons between data and information. You will need to do it in Academic Writing Task 1.

Finally, prepare yourself to be talkative. Speaking is an important part of IELTS and you must speak fluently. This means that you will be asked to talk about many different subjects (some of them are completely non-sense) and you will need to make up something if you do not know about the subject. Don’t worry about it. Fortunately, the IELTS examiners will evaluate your English not your intelligence. However, your answers must have logic. If the examiner asks you about a historical fact and you do not remember anyone, you can invent something, but it should be coherent, it should make sense: you can not talk about when the aliens have attacked the Earth, for example.

After that, practice, practice, and practice listening, speaking, writing, and reading.

Remember: on the test day, be confident and do your best!


Written by: Valessa Rizzotto

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