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Three Whistler Ambassadors

By Admin Tamwood,


Our dream: to snowboard, to bike and to be in the mountains.

Our reason to go to Canada: to learn English.

Our plan: Whistler. For some of us it was the first time, for some already the second. Some of us planned to stay a year and others a few weeks.

How we met: In Tamwood International School in Whistler. It is like a family there. Specially because the classes are small and the teachers are easygoing. For the head of the school it is not only important that as many as possible pass the Cambridge FCE and CAE exams but also that their students make friends for a lifetime.

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What we did: Although we are all from Switzerland and as well as from all over the world, no one knew each other before we went to Whistler. We had an unforgettable time although we probably had the worst winter ever. It never got boring and we came up with some really interesting ideas. Despite the bad weather we got a lot of snowboarding days in. We also went to the bars, swimming, playing squash, hiking, biking, climbing, cross-country skiing, going on trips, and of course partying together etc. At first it was just hanging around in the group and having fun. That’s how we met the people with the same passions and how a long friendship started. This was only possible because everyone of us went there alone. Otherwise we would just have been hanging around with the people we already knew. After our time there everyone went home with a lot of awesome memories and experiences.

After Tamwood: Arriving back home after such a long time is not easy for anyone. But it wasn’t all over. With the internet it’s easy to keep in touch. And if you take a trip to go snowboarding in Japan or biking around in Europe you can meet up with those people again. And some don’t even live that far away. Some may even pick you up when you arrive at the airport back home! The three of us for example are pretty much hanging out every weekend together. We snowboard, bike and do other activities, we’re kind of living together, we go to bars and on trips, and are just in general having a great time. And it’s not only us. We also do things with other friends we made in Whistler.

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Of course the three of us doesn’t always have the same opinion about everything. But in one thing we totally agree. It was one of the best choices we made to go to Canada, to Whistler, to Tamwood, alone to learn English.

If you are a mountain, nature person and you love to be active outdoors, Whistler is the place for you to learn English. We’re pretty sure everyone who’s even just a little bit like us and was there will agree.


Photos and words by Sebi, Kevin & Sarah from Tamwood’s Whistler Campus

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