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English Only!

By Marianna Cherniuk,


My experience here at Tamwood has been indescribable.

I couldn’t have chosen a better international language school than this.  I love the way all the cultures mix, and how we learn about each other, not just among different countries, but also different personalities.  We are all alone at the beginning and that’s what keeps us close: we need each other here.  The fact that the “English Only” rule exists used to concern me, but now I realize how important it is and how much it makes you improve!

What can I say about the teachers: they are all amazing at teaching, and help you with any problem, even if it’s not related to school.  The classes are so dynamic and I learned a lot in one day.

I’ll never forget Tamwood and I promise I will come by to visit whenever I can.

Words & Photos by: Carmen Navarro Casares, Level 6

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Concrete Jungle

By Marianna Cherniuk,

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My name is Matheus Abner.  Some call me Abner and oth ers call me Matthew.  I am 21 years old and I’ve been in Toronto for 2 weeks.  I’ve always wanted to live in a big global city.  I like the concrete jungle, so with Tamwood I got the perfect opportunity of not only live here but also improve my English.

When I arrived my first impression was about the politeness and kindness of the Canadian and of course the cold.  As a Brazilian who lives almost at the equator line, I was a bit worried about the weather, but with the days passing by I saw that with the right clothes it’s totally fine.

At Tamwood, I really like the teachers and the great opportunity to meet people from other places and of course stay in touch with other Brazilians.  At home I would never imagine myself living with 3 Germans, 1 Chilean, 1 Filipino, 1 Iranian and 1 Canadian.  Great opportunity to make friends, exchange culture and learn a lot.

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