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Favorite teacher in Vancouver

By Marianna Cherniuk,


Hi my name is Shiho. I came here 4 months ago. Today I’ll introduce my best teacher. When I came here, I was a level 2 student and my class’s teacher was my best teacher Kavita. She is very kind and compassionate. When I was level 2, I didn’t understand anything, but she taught me with detail and carefully. So when I didn’t understand something, I  could easily ask her.


I like her class. Her class is easy to understand because she always comes to school early.( I think she comes to school first or second). Then, she writes down the day’s schedule and  important points on the white board every day. I know her house is so far from school and she has 2 children. If I were her, I could not do what she does.

I am crazy about Kavita. When she had a vacation, I wasn’t her class so I didn’t know she’ll have a vacation. One day before,  I was informed that Kavita wasn’t going to come to school because she would be on vacation for a while. Suddenly, my head felt blank. If I didn’t talk with her, I’d feel sad!  It felt so nice to be able to see her.. I know she has a lot of things to do so she needs a vacation. I missed her so much even though it was just a few weeks.

When I have problems or I want to talk about something, I talk to Kavita. And she cares so much about her students. When she worries about me she always says for me to come again and talk again. She is a level 2 teacher, also she teaches the Business class. I’m level 4 now. My dream is that I move up level 5 or 6, and then I’ll become Kavita’s student again.

Thank you.

Words by Shiho Okazaki, Level 4, Vancouver Campus

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Coming to Canada to learn English

By Marianna Cherniuk,


My name is Mercedes Martinez.  I am from Spain.  I am 27 years old and I am in Tamwood to improve my English to find a better job like Industrial Engineering.

Before coming here, I didn’t know what to expect.  Now I have been living in Toronto for almost 4 months and I want to say that it is a great experience.  Thanks to my teachers, I have improved my English during this time.  Tamwood has given me the opportunity to make many and good friends.  Here you meet people from different countries and it makes you grow.

Having said that I would tell you about Toronto.  Toronto is a big, beautiful and cosmopolitan city.  Canadians are so friendly.  The city gives you a lot of beautiful places like CN Tower, Casa Loma, and Toronto Island.  If you are in the winter in Toronto, you can enjoy ice skating at City Hall.  There are many malls in Toronto if you love shopping.  This city is perfect for spending your money..  Last of all, I hope that everybody has the same opportunity as me to come to Canada and to live this great experience.

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