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Hiking at Garibaldi Lake and the Chief Squamish

By Marianna Cherniuk,

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It was kind of hard. Let’s be sincere, I’m certainly not the most sporty girl and maybe a little bit lazy, so If I could probably everybody can and I definitely recommend giving it a try. It’s always good to be nearby the nature.

Garibaldi Lake took us (me and my friend) around four hours to go up and two and a half of hour to go down. We stopped a lot of times with the pretext of following chipmunks and took pictures, or to stare at the wonderful views that were there to remind us how insignificant we can be by the side of the majestic mountains. Then I just had to say “hug time” and started breathing heavily the fresh air while I was feeling the beating of our hearts hitting on our chest. When we arrived every feeling of tiredness goes away instantly, the intense blue of the lake quickly absorbed my eyes and I couldn’t do anything except to contemplate what I had in front of me. I felt lucky.

The chief it’s quite different, it’s shorter (takes around 45 minutes) but steeper, and once you have arrived you can see the river coming in to the city of Squamish. It’s a big rock and it’s gives you a really good feeling to be over it.

Something I learned it’s about enjoying the road instead of thinking about the top. And that’s applicable in every way in our lives. Enjoy the process and take advantage of it, because the results are coming sooner or later but they always come.


Words and Photos by Rosa Hassler

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Toronto’s Campus feels like home

By Marianna Cherniuk,


Time is passing so fast and that’s because I’m having a really good time here. Even if Toronto is a huge city in my eyes, I’ve never felt lost. People here are so friendly and helpful. And I’m so happy that I chose Toronto and Tamwood because it’s felt a little bit like home the first day I arrived here.

I like the atmosphere when I enter in school in the mornings.  Some students are already in the classroom, but most of them are sitting on one of the sofas at the entrance area and are relaxing before class.  It is definitely an advantage that the school is placed at the 12th floor because the view out the big windows in the classrooms over the city is stunning.  But the best thing, in my opinion, is that because the school is not really very big, there are not loads of students.  I know almost everyone.  And I have the feeling that we are like one big family.

Words by:
Nina Kagi

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Vancity Ventures

By Marianna Cherniuk,


As a student at Tamwood I can tell you that it’s a really nice school. All the teachers are friendly, funny and they only want you to feel cozy and like a full-fledged member. When I arrived I had some problems but they were always ready to help me.

Because it’s a multicultural school, you can meet a lot of different people and you get welcomed open-heartedly. I think that the fact of to be away of your home help to meet more people and to have faster a strong relationship with the people that you meet than in your own country.

The well located school provided places to chill and relax near the ocean and that’s where I go at lunch with my friends.

Although the weather is rainy Vancouver is a magnificent place where you always have something to do and to see. I went to Deep Cove and we went hiking. That was really hard for me but the landscape is so beautiful that you can’t regret the hard ascension. I went to Lynn canyon and lighthouse park too and that was awesome!

In Vancouver you’re between mountains and ocean with in which case a great view. I also went to Chinatown, Robson street and I watched for the first time of my life an ice hockey match, I was very excited. I really enjoyed everything that I did and I know that I will enjoy the time that I still have in this wonderful place.








For me this adventure is just incredible because even if I miss my family, my heart and my head are full of great memories, gorgeous landscapes, unexpected meeting and awesome adventures.


Written by Sara Roelandt

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