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Building something out of nothing

By Marianna Cherniuk,


I’m Yasir, from Saudi Arabia. I’m 19 years old.

I’ve been in Vancouver since last December. I just finished my high school and after that I decided to come here.

When I arrived to Vancouver I was excited, happy and also afraid of my English because my English was so bad. On the first day I went to my home (I lived in a home share for 2 months). I was living with another Saudi guy and 2 Spanish girls and another guy from India and a Korean girl. I had problem that I couldn’t connect with them.

After 3 days I entered my first English school (Tamwood). On the first day I was a little shy from the girls because I didn’t use to stay and study with girls and also my teachers because I couldn’t connect with all of them.

I felt so sad, disappointed and lonely because I don’t like to be one. After that I started to study hard, tried to talk with my classmates and asked my teachers lots of questions and all of them were so kind with me.

To be honest most of the people here are so kind, friendly, helpful.

So all the people who I’ve met helped me a lot to improve my English.

I started from level 2 of 6 in Tamwood school which is the lowest level in the school and now I’m in level 5 of 6. This is the second highest level!

I’ve been in the school for around 8 months. I’ve grown, changed a lot these past few months. I met lots of friends from different countries and cultures.

I learned a lot here. I gained more confidence in myself than before. I became more friendly because of the people here

You don’t know how I’m feeling now when I read, write or speak in


I came here alone and started to rely on myself for everything.

I started to understand how the life is here, live the life, enjoy Vancouver, make new friends (a lot of friends!) and enjoy with them. I say goodbye for who’s going to leave with hope to meet them again. Nobody knows, the world is small and remember that (you always meet twice).

I’m now I’m so thankful for my parents to let me go to Canada and also my teachers and for everyone has helped me to speak English.

I was planning to stay here for 1 year only for the English but now I hope to get my scholarship and enter university here. I want to get the bachelor’s degree from a Canadian university.

Yasir Alahmadi, Downtown, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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