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A Muqdad tale: The Story of young man with a high IELTS Score

By Marianna Cherniuk,


Muqdad got a great score in IELTS and there is a lot to the story.

Basically, Muqdad’s story is a tale of self reliance and budding genius. Muqdad grew up in Saudi Arabia with his parents and brother and sister. His father was an electrician and is now retired. When Muqdad was in his teens, he had to take responsibility for his family. His father was a way from home a lot at various work sites and Muqdad was in charge. He did household chores, drove everybody around, and fixed stuff around the house. His parents then sent him and his sister to New Zealand to finish high school. In high school, he became a grammar expert. Being a film buff, he also picked up a lot of vocabulary from movies. He also was able to navigate living far away from home.


Later on, his sister went on to train as a medical doctor in Poland. His family clearly has a streak of strong academics and independence. About a year ago, Muqdad came to Tamwood in Vancouver and started studying general English. He became a popular student and went to the gym every day. In addition to developing a superb physique and a six-pack stomach, he was a popular student. He meticulously mixes high protein drinks to supplement his pescatarian diet.




In his free time, he went crazy on computer games and actually assembled a super fast computer from components he ordered online. His field of expertise expands from body building, to computers to fitness to English. When Muqdad joined the IELTS class, he adapted so quickly. He clearly recognized that there is a path of least resistance to get a great score. He took that path. In particular, his writing improved very quickly as he had the discipline to expand on his ideas in a grammatically correct and logical way. His success in reading showed his ability to process a lot of ideas and facts with relative ease.



After only six weeks, Muqdad took the test and got 7.5. He could have got a higher score, but one of the speaking sections was about professional sportsmen which is his least favorite subject. Nevertheless, Muqdad was accepted to Lakehead University Engineering. Tamwood was lucky to have Muqdad as a student.  He epitomizes self reliance, hard work, discipline, drive, intelligence, and energy. At the same time he is popular, funny, and outrageous. There is no doubt that he will be successful in any endeavor he takes on.




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Exploring Vancouver Outside of the classroom

By Marianna Cherniuk,


I have been staying in Vancouver for 3 months. Time flies so fast. I have had new experiences in Vancouver. I’m going to explain to you my experiences. When I came to Tamwood, I felt very nervous. Because I had never gone to an English speaking country before I came to Vancouver. So, I couldn’t speak in English very well at first. Bit by bit, I was used to speaking English. I was able to make many friends and I’m enjoying talking with people from many different cultures. I think it is very interesting for those who have different perspectives to understand each other’s cultures.


By the way, I have two hobbies which are very excited. Firstly, my favorite sport is soccer. I have been playing soccer since I was child. Fortunately, Tamwood joined the language school of soccer tournament. I decided to join the Tamwood soccer team. This team includes people from different countries. This experience is never done in Japan. I like meeting people through playing soccer.





Secondly, my favorite hobby is skateboarding. I didn’t use to go skateboarding before came Vancouver. In Vancouver, we can see a lot of people who skateboard. That is why I was keen on skateboarding. Through skateboarding I could meet Canadian people. They taught me skateboarding skills. Canadian people are affable and loyal. I’m happy I came to Vancouver. Because of the nature, food, people, and culture. Everything is amazing.





Sinichiro Kamizono, 21, Japan.

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Review of 889 W Pender: The new Tamwood Building!

By Marianna Cherniuk,


As most students probably know by now, Tamwood is on the move and since Tuesday, we from the Cambridge course have been functioning as a pilot class to try out the new facilities. We would like to give you a review about our first impressions of the building and its surroundings. The building is located on the corner of West Pender and Hornby, and is even closer to Burrard Skytrain Station than our old buildings. As soon as you reach the lobby, the first thing that you notice is the Tim Hortons just next to the two elevators that take you up to the 3rd floor. Although our level is still getting its finishing touches, the first impression is really positive and you can see that there is a lot of potential!

Immediately when you get off the elevator, you realize how quickly you are able to get to the third floor because you don’t need to ride the elevator to the parking garage! After that, I found this place really modern and big. The rooms are bright and much larger than the old buildings, and the washrooms are bigger too!
One of the most effective things for all of us is being in only one building! By becoming just one building, we don’t need to move around so much anymore, and the teachers of Tamwood don’t need to be separated either! Another important plus side of the new building is its surroundings! We have found that there are several food courts nearby that have a variety of menu items for your lunch. Also, there are many other facilities like a Vancity bank, and Pacific Centre. On top of all that, the new building is equipped with a modern air conditioning system and modern lighting! These new systems will maintain the best temperature for your class, and the lights make the classrooms even brighter, which will keep the rooms at optimal settings for studying!

The new building does have a couple of minor inconveniences, like the fact that we no longer have the IGA right downstairs, but as we’ve already discovered, there are some nice places where you can buy food and have lunch. While I personally don’t care so much for the paint colour, it is very modern and bright. We don’t have all our furniture yet, and we have been without the pool table for nearly a week, but we talked to Teresa and she said we would get some new entertainment soon, possibly even table tennis!
In summary, the new building is a bright, modern, spacious school that all Tamwood students will be excited to call home! Our class is proud to have had the opportunity to be the pilot class, and we’re looking forward to welcoming the other Tamwood students to 889 W Pender soon!


Written by the Cambridge class: Nicolas, Jirka, Erin, Teresa, Jay, and Kim

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A letter from a Graduating Student

By Marianna Cherniuk,


My time in Tamwood was great. I was only here during 6 weeks but it has been fantastic and I have improved my English a lot. I’ve enjoyed everything here. The activities with school such as coffee talk, Grouse Grind’s Mountain, Stanley Park, Craft beer tasting and Lynn Canyon Park are so funny. I really recommend to do these activities because you have the opportunity to meet new people and keep practicing and improving your skills in English. I have met people from all over the world: Brazilians, Japaneses, Italians, Koreans, Thais, Mexicans, Frenchs, Swiss, Colombians, Czechs… Apart of these activities I went to Seattle, Whistler and Victoria. I strongly recommend you to go if you have time. It is worth it. Thank you to everybody for your company in this adventure.

— Raquel Cuellar

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Canada Day

By Marianna Cherniuk,


Hi, I’m Vancouver Tamwood student, Mizuki. July 1st was Canada Day!!! There were lots of festivals in Vancouver!!!!! Every one were wearing buzzer costume, of course me, too. I was wearing t-shirt designed Canada like Adidas. Also, I went to Downtown to enjoy Canada Day with my friends. We really enjoyed it!! We played putting on tattoo seals, taking pictures and listening to music!! Those things made us happy. Finally, we saw lots of beautiful fireworks!!! Actually, I’d never seen it on the seaside because I usually saw in my house. Seeing fireworks in outside was so nice! However, I felt that I want to see that with a girlfriend… Maybe next time! ❤

— Mizuki Fujino

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